The Pavilion at Vestal Park:

Pavilion at Vestal Park logoThe Pavilion at Vestal Park gives residents all the comforts of home while providing the amenities they deserve to enjoy during their retirement. The pavilion at Vestal Park offers services such as: Housekeeping, maintenance, laundry and transportation services, to medical appointments. Residents enjoy three, healthy appetizing meals a day in the elegant dining room where guests are always welcome. Residents may choose from the chef's extensive menu or have individual culinary needs answered by our dietitian.

"Gives you all the comforts of home and provides the quality of care that you would expect for your loved one."

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The Pavilion at Vestal Park offers:

Cable TV access

Spacious single rooms, deluxe suites and double suites with a home-like atmosphere

24-hour assistance

All rooms have independently controlled heat and air conditioning

Private bathrooms with easy-entry showers

Trained staff also provides medication management and a 24-hour emergency response system

Message to Primary Caregivers

A primary caregiver that is under too much stress from the constant demands of caregiving cannot provide adequate care. arranging respite care for the first time may be difficult, but it should become an essential part of any caregiver's schedule. Some signs that may signal a need to arrange for respite care include: increased anxiety, decline in sleep, and increase in irritability, feeling of anger towards care recipient.
The Pavilion at Vestal Park also offers respite stays ranging from one night to an extended period. Includes the following:

Chaplaincy counseling

24-hour emergency response

Medication management

Housekeeping and laundry services

24-hour assistance

Transportation to medical appointments

Large, private rooms, each with a private bathroom and shower

Contact the Director of Admissions Department for more information at (607)754-4105.